Our Musical Heritage

Our Musical Heritage, a series of nine programs, was apparently broadcast only once or twice in the 1960’s, and focused on various influences on the music of the Alleghenies and West Virginia in particular. We have titles for all nine programs, scripts for eight, but audio for only four.

View the scripts for Our Musical Heritage programs pdf    (Script not available for VIII – Coal Miner and Lumberman Songs.)

Play available programs by clicking on title:    (I, III, IV, and VIII only.)


IPrologue – Appalachian Folk Music  – Audio Available

II – Our Forefathers Bring Their Music with Them (Folk Songs)  Audio Not Available

III – The Early Pioneers Build New Songs on the Old  – Audio Available

IV – The Negroes Enrich Our Folk Music  – Audio Available

V – Civil War Drums Beat Out Folk Songs Too  – Audio Not Available

VI – Ballads Preserve Mountain Tales  Audio Not Available

VII – Work Songs Help Build the Railroad (Hammer Songs)  Audio Not Available

VIII – Coal Miner and Lumberman Songs  – Audio Available — Script Not Available

IX – Epilogue  Audio Not Available

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