Musical Pictures

Musical Pictures was for younger students, generally grades 1-3.  Each consisted of a narrative story–“word pictures”–interspersed with segments of mostly classical music.  Students were encouraged to use their imaginations during the programs and then create pictures, drawings, stories or poems based on what they “saw” in the “Gardens of Their Minds,” as Fred Rogers, of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, would later call it.   Many of these programs were rewritten and/or rebroadcast in subsequent years.

>>>View “Manuals for Teachers” for Musical Pictures and Know Your State 1961-1963 (pdf)<<<


Musical Pictures Programs: (Click on title to play)

Carnival of the Animals
Adventures of William Tell
A Trip to the Zoo
Sleeping Beauty
A Summer Storm
Planting a Garden

The Circus
Birds and Fish
Three Bears
The Seasons
The Sea
The Rhine

The Farm
Mardi Gras
The Ballet
Our Aloha State
The Firebird
The Rodeo
Cowboys and Indians


Miscellaneous additional scripts, etc for Musical Pictures (pdf)

Includes: Migration of Birds, A Trip to the Zoo, Rodeo, The Seasons (x2), and The Sea (multiple and partial versions)


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